Performance Upgrades

Everyone (with the exception of your neighbor in the early hours of the morning) loves the sound of an American V-twin. We’re self-proclaimed gearheads at Brick City Customs and we get excited about performance upgrades thanks to our love for horsepower and torque.

Performance upgrades offered at Brick City range from the Stage 1 upgrade to a full-out stroker motor. Depending on make, model and horsepower request, most performance upgrades can be completed within a week or occasionally same-day.

Choice of...
air cleaner
jet kit*
Cam shaftPerformance head**
Stage 1
Stage 2
Stage 3
Stage 4We take everything and stroke it! By stroking and boring your motor, you can upgrade the size of your engine displacement for big horsepower and torque.
*Depending on whether your model is carbureted or fuel-injected.
**We can also take your stock head and turn it into a performance sleeper.

As we like to say, “building a motor is like baking cookies… if you get the ingredients right, it’ll be sweet!” Give us a call or stop in and see us for upgrade options on all V-twin models.