During a maintenance check, we may find issues not covered in a normal service interval. The benefit of staying on a maintenance schedule is that, having a bike in our shop on a regular basis, we are more likely to discover issues that can be fixed before they become more damaging problems. Throughout our years of experience, our trained eyes have prevented the onset of many major repairs.

However, sometimes things happen unexpectedly. We want you to get thousands of miles of enjoyment from your motorcycle, which is why we also provide extensive repairs in our in-house machine shop. We always use the best parts available, and we strive to lead you in the right direction in choosing from a variety of parts and accessories to fit your riding style and needs.

We facilitate these repairs for Harley Davidsons and almost all other American V-twin models:

  • Cylinder head repair

  • Crankshaft rebuild

  • Clutch pack rebuild

  • Ring gear replacement

  • Starter jackshaft rebuild

  • Primary chain and sprocket rebuild

Give us a call to schedule an appointment for any of our services.

Collision Repair

There’s a saying amongst motorcycle riders, “it’s not if, but when.” When the worst happens, the guys at Brick City have your back! Whether it’s a little spill or a bigger accident, you can trust us to get your motorcycle repaired with all-new parts from your bike’s manufacturer. We work directly with your insurance adjuster to get your bike up and running in safe operating condition. We can even do a little upgrading while we’re working on it, if it suits you.

Brick City pledges to keep your bike running in its best possible condition, giving you a hassle-free ride experience every time. We are your designated motorcycle doctor with the skill and experience to get you back on the road with confidence you’ll make it the extra mile, no matter what kind of repairs you need.

Transmission Work

The transmission can be the boogey man of power sports, but our technicians have been trained by manufacturers to keep yours  in perfect working order. We’ve assembled transmissions that arrived at our door in milk crates holding what seemed to be a thousand pieces. If it’s transmission-related, we can handle it! As with anything V-twin, we can upgrade your transmission and clutch assembly to handle any touring or horsepower you want.