Service & Maintenance

Brick City Customs specializes in service for all aspects of American motorcycles. Following manufacturer-recommended services as indicated for the year, make and model of each machine we work on, we provide services for every part from engine and transmission to tires and brakes.

Our service schedule is based on a 2,500 mile interval. Unlike cars, legendary V-twin motorcycle engines are air-cooled, so engine oil works triple-time to clean, cool and lubricate while enduring heavy heat cycles. Regular maintenance is necessary to keep the engine in top condition, and every 2,500 miles is our general recommendation as service is cheaper than repairs. However, some bikes require more or less service than others, so the interval for your bike may vary depending on its make, model and year.

More Than Just An Oil Change

In addition to changing your oil and vital fluids, we also perform these comprehensive services on your bike:

  • Primary chain deflection

  • Clutch adjustment

  • Cable adjustment and lubrication

  • Air filter servicing

  • Wheel bearings

  • Suspension

  • Final drive belt or chain adjustment

  • Sprocket or pulley condition

Give us a call to schedule an appointment for any of our services.

State Inspection

State safety inspections are due every April for all motorcycles in Missouri. The state requires this inspection to detect any safety-related issues that may exist on your bike. For example, all motorcycles must have a working headlight and taillight, front and rear brake-operated brake lights and a horn, at minimum.


Our trained technicians will check your bike’s brakes, tires and other items that impact the safety of your ride. Inspections can generally be done on a walk-in basis and completed while you wait, and the cost is $10.00 per motorcycle.